This Sunday (January 23rd) marks National Pie Day, a day dedicated to celebrating pies in all their glory. While traditionally observed in the US, Melbourne’s hand-crafted pie masters are hijacking it, because let’s face it: it’s been a rough couple of years and if there’s one constant Aussies can always depend on, it’s the humble pie to get them through good times and bad.

For the next ten days, they will be offering their National Pie Day Pack – a thoughtfully curated selection of their signature Wonder Pies and Baketico sweets plus four craft beers from Yarra Valley brewing company, Public Brewing Co. to help pie devotees honour this versatile and comforting treat.

For $89 through the Wonder Pies website, pie-lovers can get their hands on a delicious range of handcrafted baked goods made from locally sourced produce, including:

● 12 x party pies
● 12 x party sausage rolls
● 6 x Jam Lamingtons
● 6 x Milo Brownies
*Vegan/Vegetarian version also available

Or for $99 through the Cookaborough website, you can also knock back some perfectly chilled, vegan-friendly craft beers:
• 2 x cans of 100 Acres – an easy-drinking pale ale, with a decadent fruity aroma balanced with a light, malt backbone
• 2 x cans of Feather Weight – a craft light that’s high in flavour, rich in attitude

With barbecues taking place in backyards across the country, the cricket on your TV screen, and the beach calling your name, nothing says ‘Australian summer’ more than enjoying a box of golden, flaky pies and pastries brimming with tasty and comforting fillings, along with a couple of crisp, locally crafted brews.

Co-founder and renowned Scottish-born chef, Raymond Capaldi said pies were such a staple in the lives of Australians that it was only fitting to create a pack to help celebrate National Pie Day.

“On any given day, Australians around the country are enjoying a pie in bakeries and cafes, at the beach or at sporting events - pies are not just a delicious baked good; they’re a quintessential part of the Australian way of life,” he said.

“While we never need a reason to indulge in a pie, National Pie Day puts a spotlight on this national treasure and celebrates it in all its forms - from sweet to savoury, party to family-sized, round to square, I’ve never met an Australian who didn’t love a good pie.”

The National Pie Day Pack will be available from Wednesday 19 January to Saturday 29 January and can be ordered via the Wonder Pies and Cookaborough websites for pick up at the Wonder Pies factory in Bulleen or from any of the Baketico stores dotted around Melbourne.