Founded in January 2018, Wonder Pies is the brainchild of renowned Melbourne Chef, Ray Capaldi, established as a wholesale bakehouse that specialises in a range of savoury and sweet bakery products. At its core, Wonder Pies looks toward a future where premium quality food is accessible and convenient as a casual dining experience.

The initial concept was simple; to produce the best pies and pastries from the locally sourced ingredients. We continue to be committed to this and pride ourselves on the quality of our handcrafted deep pan pies featuring a short crust, topped with puff pastry and finished with a French glaze.

Our foundation of excellent quality pies has now evolved into a growing range of beautifully crafted baked goods. From savoury to sweet, our suite of products is one that Ray and our team of bakers and chefs are exceptionally proud of giving us the edge to adapt and tailor to our customers’ needs.

Ray Capaldi

Scottish-born chef Raymond Capaldi is well-known to Melburnians for his time at the Sofitel cooking academy. Capaldi has enjoyed an outstanding career that has included executive roles at some of the premier fine-dining restaurants in the world.

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Jodi Crocker

Jodi Crocker is the CEO of The Newlands Quarter which houses the brands Wonder Pies, Baketico, Nana Frasers, Plantico, Fun House Food Group and Social Set Media.

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Proudly baking
since 2018


Anyone that knows Raymond or his work knows that there is never a shortage of ideas or creativity. As one of the pioneers of fine dining in Australia, Ray looked at the hospitality industry and in particular the future of the restaurant landscape and sought about bringing to life an idea that he'd been developing for years. It was in October of 2017 that Ray conceived the name 'Wonder Pies', and it was a rapid journey from conception to reality after the initial spark was lit.


It all started at the humble bakehouse on Kim Close in a pocket of Bulleen that would become the home of Wonder Pies for the next 5 years. The factory was previously used by a baker of breads and sweets, and Ray knew it had the bones to springboard his vision and to start making some of Melbourne's most premium baked products. George Callus was brought on as our Head Baker, and guided the team for the the full 5 years at Bulleen.


Coronavirus took the world by storm and it’s something that all Melburnians felt the brunt of in particular with our exceptionally firm lockdowns and regulations. While we saw our friends and colleagues and customers having to shut down restaurants with the market changing overnight in March, we were one of the lucky ones that were able to keep baking. It was February of 2020 when we opened our first Baketico in Heidelberg.


We think it’s fair to say that no one ever likes moving, no less when you are mandated by the government to get out of your business’s home after only one year of operating. It was an exceptionally difficult period to maintain the drive to keep baking, but the team’s passion for producing only the best never wavered. The conversations begun with every possible consultant and lawyer and government body, and the conversations still continue to this day.


We had to make the move to Coburg due to the North East Link roadway project commandeering our home in Bulleen, and despite the 4 year process that comes with a Government acquisition being the most challenging aspect of business to naviagate, we turned on the ovens in our Coburg home in December of 2022 and it's become our home ever since. It's a space, a precinct, a building, and a headquarters that we're exceptionally proud of.


It's all thanks to our expert bakers and artisanal pastry chefs that make us proud to offer a diverse range of savoury and sweet products that are perfect for take home meals, catering, events, work lunches and celebrations.

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