Melbourne Bakery Wonder Pies Celebrates King's Coronation with a Limited Edition Quiche

Attention all food lovers and royalty admirers! Melbourne Bakery Wonder Pies has just released a limited edition quiche in honour of the coronation of King Charles III in Britain. This savoury dish features a delectable egg custard, broad beans and tarragon filling encased in a flaky shortcrust pastry, all locally sourced and handmade for optimal freshness.

According to owner Raymond Capaldi, "We wanted to do something special for this occasion with a traditional dish that we know everyone will love." And trust us, it's fit for a king! Our Coronation quiche takes the flavour profile to the next level, while traditional techniques ensure perfect pastry every time.

"We believe it is important to use local ingredients whenever possible," added Capaldi. "This ensures the highest quality product for our customers."

Wonder Pies' quiche is sure to please both locals and visitors alike. With its savoury ingredients and flaky crust, this dish will make a perfect addition to any meal or occasion related to the Coronation. So why not treat yourself or someone else today and feel like a Royal!

The quiche can now be purchased at all Wonder Pies and Baketico locations as well as online at their website For more information about the product or any other questions, contact them directly at

Melbourne Bakery Wonder Pies invites you to join them in celebrating King Charles III's coronation with a delicious quiche!